October 11, 2009

barneys denim fall 09

At today's shoot, the art director used this barneys denim catalog as a reference. i had to borrow it since it featured ash stymest and cole mohr the loves of my life, photos after the jump:

anyway, on the way will be pictures from a mini shoot my friend alice xiao (www.flickr.com/alicelolz) took for us this past weekend. i am slowing progressing, and learning more and more everyday. its been hard since im still awkward with the camera, but hopefully with due time things will turn out better. and with the bitter cold here, we will be renting out a studio next week for more shots...and i wont be freezing my butt off wearing bustier in 30 degree weather.


M.Lassere said...

even though mohr and stymest strike me as huge assholes, i still love them. john-patrick dine is my favorite out of the white guy/black hair/tattoos models.

sara said...

yeah they are hahahah. im liking mr. dine. alot. luke worrall is also my fav...kelly osborne is one lucky bitch.