April 22, 2010

oh and i justfigured out how to turn the flash off on photo booth. i like it.

stole this from carina reminds me of all the myspace surveys i used to do

Ten things I like
my pentax, skateboarding, marlboro lights, warm sunny days, clothes, b01z, 40oz, bluntz and broads, menage et trois.

Nine things I see right now
my mac, phone, film, my purse, bed sheets, my leather jacket, my id, credit card, and a receipt.

Eight things that always cheer me up
emily, nice weather, shopping, cold drinks, skateboarding, friendly people, being alone,

Seven movies I love
lords of dogtown, a guide to recognizing your saints, almost famous, pulp fiction, buffalo 66, me without you....alot more but i cant think right now.

Six ways to win my heart
funny, intelligent, attractive, honest, shares the same interests, open minded.

Five biggest celebrity crushes
james franco. the end.

Four things I do before I sleep
listen to music, think, think, think.

Three books I love
i need to read more books.

Two things I want to do before I die
live in england, fall in love.

One sight that makes you happy
a nice, sunny day


M.Lassere said...


ashley said...

haha i love the celebrity crush answer hahaha

sara said...

press shift at the same time you click the shutter button

ashley said...

whatd you comment on my last post? blogspot is being retarded

M.Lassere said...

mad fankz, sara