May 11, 2010

im in that state where i feel like everyone hates me, and then i start to hate myself. i over analyze everything that i do. i feel like ive become really boring, really dull, annoying, blahblahblah. this reminds me of a post that lesley arfin posted awhile back. i just start to think no one likes me, when in actuality they could give less of a shit about me. i tend to take shit personally sometimes, actually alot. i need to remember that "nothing is ever personal." people are dealing with their own shit, just like i am. the actual reason is, its not that people dont like me, its because they actually arent even thinking about me. caring too much has really put a damper on me, when it really shouldnt. the ones who dont care about me, shouldnt even matter to me anyway. the ones who do care are the ones who will stick around and deal with my bullshit. like what lesley says, "if i dont like me because they dont like me, i dont even deserve to be liked anyway."

i really just need to disappear for awhile.

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