June 9, 2010


-still upset my photos didnt turn out (yes a photo of me rachel and pharrell, and about 20 drunken naked photos in the bathroom at some party...)
-i still need to find an apartment
-i need a job, really, fucking, bad.

july 12!
also i have a pending idea for a new blog. and i may be going to california with emily either this month or the next? what what!


charnae said...

caribou is the shit, and whuuuuut pharrell?! jealzies! hope all is well and i hope you get a job bro

sara said...

yes! i love caribou if youre not working or have anything going on we should go together! and yes i met pharrell, i still cant believe it.
i hope i do too, i need one bad.

charnae said...

we should totally go, 1 d0nt w0rk m0nd4y5! and lucky!!