August 5, 2010

i have a lot of goals that i hope to achieve this year. it always comes down to my future, and what i want to do with myself for the rest of my life. lately, ive been feeling so uninspired. everythings the same, people are the same. nothing's challenging me and im tired of just being so comfortable. i want to finally feel refreshed from all the same shit ive been seeing, and hopefully getting away for awhile will do that. what bothers me the most is that i know that im better than this. than my current, boring self. i have so much to offer and i want to finally utilize what i have, into something productive and beneficial.

i have been lacking so much effort and lately its been really effecting me. i find myself just sitting on my ass all day really doing nothing. i want to know that im actually furthering myself, and not just wasting my time and effort. i need to actually utilize all this stored up knowledge to my advantage. i think this summer i have fell into a deep hiatus, but at the same time i think it has given me encouragement to do more. i want to finally look at myself and feel proud of what ive done. i want to feel achieved and accomplished. i think im finally ready, and this time i really want things to happen.

this scene never fails to motivate me.


charnae said...

we think too much alike, we should be our own guidance counselors. i feel how you're feeling dude and i need to break out of this "comfort shell" that i've molded myself into. fuckk i need change

sara said...

i know, we should, we need to push eachother! i mean ill be motivated and totally good one month, then the next its down the drain. i need to work on being more consistent. and definitely dude, we do.