August 25, 2010

ny was great and much needed, i wish i never came back. i got to spend more time with my mom before i move and got to shop and eat at great restaurants all weekend. unfortunately, coming back home has cost me nothing but stress. yesterday, after i went to pick up my keys, i came back to my car and their was a boot on it costing me $115. and on top of that im not going to be able to move till tomorrow or into the weekend, AND im working open to close thursday through sunday. i dont know what to do...and i seriously can't wait till all of this is over. and it doesnt help that all i feel like doing is sitting in bed and watching skate doc's all day.

here are some shitty photos i took in ny on my bb:

and photos i took yesterday after picking up my keys!

hahhaha emily.

living room!

my room!

ill put up better quality ones once im all moved in, but these will suffice for now.


ashley said...

looks and sounds like you had a great time at ny, but i'm sad about all the stressful stuff that you'll be going through this week... pull through! and your place looks too good to be true! is it just yours or are you renting with others?

sara said...

aw thanks ashley, and definitely im just working through it. and thank you! im renting one of my friends from school.

charnae said...

ny sounded good, braaaah! your place is kyuteee, the large square above the fireplace is missing a gigantic picture of your facee. but yeah, hope all is well and don't stress too much man. "slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you."

sara said...

aw thank you charnae!! i really needed that im so stresssed :(